Reasons Why Cebu’s Real Estate Industry is Growing Rapidly

Close to 4 million people live in Cebu City, making it among the most populous city in the Philippines. In the recent years, many people have been moving into the city and they all need a place to stay. This has made the growth of Cebu city real estate industry to be quite rapid. More people are coming in to aid with building better houses for the residents. Below are more reasons why the real estate industry is so good right now.

The city can be accessed by land, sea and air

A good geographical location makes the city attractive to many investors who want to invest in the city. Before the Spanish colonization, the city acted as a center of trade. All that was because of accessibility by using land and sea. We now have their air transport mode added to the city, making it more versatile to the growing business dynamics.

More economic zones in the city

For most businesses to thrive, there is the need to have the best infrastructure in the city. In the recent years, the city has been divided into 9 economic zones. These zones represent what builds this great Cebu City. The economic zones have encouraged the development of various businesses around the city, which include real estate. More people now need housing units for themselves and families too.

An educated workforce available

The city has many schools and universities to help with educating the young people. They are the same people who will help with building a great nation in the future. Thanks to this great educated workforce, investors know that they can make more money if they invest in the city. The real estate industry is no longer boring with buildings all looking dull. The new agents have ideas on how to make the apartments better for current markets.


It is not just about having a thriving economy that makes Cebu city the best. The living standards in the city are affordable. You will not have to spend a lot of money to get a piece of real estate in the country.

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How to Stay Safe in Your Condos or Apartment Found in Cebu City

How to be safe in your home is something that most people would want when buying an apartment. Most people would insist on having an assurance that the security of the place it top notch before even they can make the first deposit for the house. It is time to take the necessary security measures to keep yourself safe while staying in Cebu City.

Understand the security of the area

You would want to know that your family will be safe when staying in a certain environment. Sometimes you will be worried sick if the neighborhood is known for being insecure. To get past the worries, it is time that you made research about the area before settling on buying a house. Let the real estate agent show you the different security measures implemented to help in ensuring you can have a nice place for a family.

Install additional security locks and cameras

If you are still unsure about the security of your place, it is time to pimp it out with new locks and cameras. Such measures will help you to stay calm at work knowing that your home is well secured. Remember that it is always better to invest in your security rather than regretting later on.

Inform authorities in case of suspicious activities

As part of being a responsible citizen of Cebu City, it is advisable that you inform the authorities about any suspicious activities around where you stay. This will help in dealing with security threats as they happen. Sometimes when you ignore, such people end up being more trouble to the whole neighborhood. In addition, you will be simply protecting your family from any potential danger in the future.

Windows safety

Most people tend to protect their doors and forget about the windows. The real estate industry in Cebu City is now changing that and focusing more on making it secure from all sides. There is the need for more time and resource put into making sure people in the house feel safe at all times. Ask your real estate agent to give assurances that the house is protected from all sides before buying the house.

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Benefits of Selling Real Estate Properties Online

It seems like many businesses are going online and so is the real estate industry. You are missing out if your business is not online already. Before you make a decision as a real estate blogger, here are reasons why you should sell properties online in Cebu City.

Easy tool for property promotion

Creating your online portfolio has never been easy with the online platform. Making your portfolio will take only a few minutes and you are ready to start with promotions. Most buyers would be looking for portfolios that can stand out from the rest. Always ensure that you get to the point with your product promotion. Online readers mostly do not have the patience for long pitches about your properties.

Inexpensive method of doing promotions

Most of the site you choose for property promotion are free. Take an example of using social media sites, they never ask for any money when it comes to getting an account. Starting today, you will have reduced the amount of money that you always use in offline property promotion to get more clients. That money can be used for other activities that will help expand the business.

User convenience

Many people in this digital era are always online, so you better utilize that as a real estate agent in Cebu City. You would find most of them turn to online if they need to find something such as a house. You can take advantage such a situation and make your business go online. You will be easily reached by having an online presence.

More options for the buyer

When talking to a person about buying a property, it is not possible to talk about all the properties that you have. Things are different when listing all the properties on a website. The buyer will have a chance to check out all the properties and contact you when ready with a decision.

Stay ahead of competition

It is always great if you can stay ahead of the pack. Implementing the online presence is what you need if you have to make more money from the business. Build your online presence to enjoy more than just making money in Cebu City.

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Why Assistant is Important for Real Estate Agent

To build up a strong business, it’s important to have a supportive and creative team and through their ideas, you can achieve any milestone. In the real estate business, some people think that they can do business alone but in reality when they will have the number of projects in their hand, they definitely need someone to help them out in different tasks. In Iloilo agents always get good projects and to handle them they need an assistant too. Following are some of the reason why assistants are important for the real estate agent.

1. Simplicity:

If you are going to keep your work simple and easy then you will be able to get more business from the clients. Nobody wants to be in complex problems where estate agent is unable to guide them properly and where their agent has no idea about the situation. Keep the task simple with the help of the team or assistant.

2. Coordination:

Coordination is the key to success and without the team, there is no possibility of working fast. A real estate agent can’t do everything alone without the assistance of anyone. With the help of communication, one can easily finalize the deal soon.

3. More Clients:

The team of the estate agent will be able to make more clients when estate agent is busy somewhere else and they can bring more business to the company. Due to the assistant or team, you will be able to earn more and your business will boost up. Your assistant will be able to collect information of other areas too.

4. Extra Work:

You can assign extra work or task to the team when they are free or when they want to make extra money. This will make them work more and they will provide complete work to the owner of the company. Your team should be reliable enough and make sure that you can trust them.

Teamwork is important in order to boost any business and to achieve milestones soon. If someone is going to work alone then it will be hard for them to handle everything at once.

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Market your Real Estate Business Through Business Cards in Iloilo

Whenever you meet with someone regarding business or doing conversation about the business people usually like to ask about your work and other details but if you are starting a work at a new place like Iloilo then how you are supposed to market your business there? Business cards are the best source of marketing and you can spread a word and main details about the business just by giving a card to the person. Here are some of the ways how you can start marketing of real estate business through business cards.

1. Attachment:

It’s important to let everyone know about your business and for this purpose one should try to promote the business by distributing business cards. Attach your cards in pamphlets or whenever you are going to pay different bills don’t forget to give them your card and they will remember you whenever they will be in need of property.

2. Keep Cards With You:

No matter where you are going, keep the business cards with you in your wallet or car because you don’t know with whom you will meet out there and maybe they will ask about your business. You can make many contacts and clients in the same way just by using your smartness.

3. Demonstrate Well:

Whenever someone is asking about your business, give them your business card and demonstrate them about your business in a general and interesting way. This will make you feel like a good businessman and the other person will listen to it like a story, they will not be irritated.

4. Greeting Card:

Always send greeting cards and thank you card to your customer after finalizing the deal. It will make them feel good about working with you and don’t forget to attach your card to the greeting card. Your customer will be able to remember you by the greeting card and they will contact you through a business card.

Business cards are the great source of marketing for the real estate business in Iloilo. You can take advantage of your business cards as much as you can by introducing yourself.

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How to Market the Property as a Real Estate Agent?

Sometimes real estate agent find hard to market the property among people. In Iloilo, people likes to have good locations for living and if an estate agent has a good property for the customer then they should work in an effective manner for the marketing of the property. A real estate agent should work smartly than hardly and they can work too well just by using their contacts and skills in a right way. Let’s have a look at how is it possible for an estate agent to market the property.

1. Pictures:

When you are meeting any client for the first time, then, of course, you have to show them pictures of the property first. Make sure that the pictures you have of the property should look real enough and the customer can feel satisfy from the property. If the property is good in looks then pictures should be good enough to market the place.

2. Signs and Boards:

Signs and boards play an important role in marketing. If some property is empty for the sale or rental purpose then make a board on which write details of contact number and a big heading of sale or rental property. Customers who will be interested in the property automatically come towards you.

3. Promotional Messages:

Work through promotional messages. Every real estate agent should have contact numbers of their clients. If you have contact numbers or e-mail addresses of your clients then send them pictures and details of the property. Interested families or individuals will contact you and in this way, your real estate company will get promoted too.

4. Auction Sites:

This is not a common way to market the property but it’s very effective. Put your property on the auction sites and wait for the people to bid on it. Now you will have many choices and you can choose the suitable candidate for the property who is willing to pay the good amount for the property.

Marketing plays an important role and when it comes to the Iloilo then people like to have a real estate help at the new place and for the new projects.

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How to Communicate in a Real Estate Business?

In the real estate business, the key to success is communication. If you have good communication skills then there will be no hurdle in your way and you can make more customers for your business. Some real estate agent doesn’t understand that how they can talk to the client in an effective manner for the good impression and how is it possible to convince the customer for the good property. Here are the few ways through which you can communicate to the client and it will be easy for you to boost the business in Iloilo.

1. Concerns:

First thing clients always notice about the real estate agent is their concern towards them. A real estate agent should be loyal and honest to the customer and they will be attracted towards you. Listen to their concerns and what they are really finding in Iloilo as a property or for the rental property.

2. Offers and Benefits:

Customers always attract towards the benefits and offers. If you are telling them about the extra benefits you are giving to them then they will choose you. Describe your policy and offers to the customers in the best way so people can recommend you to the others as well.

3. Response Timing:

A real estate agent should be quick and responsive to the client. If someone is asking you anything then try to respond them as soon as possible because if you are providing them late answers maybe they will prefer someone else over you. Be a professional and always respond them back in a polite and honest tone.

4. Questions:

Don’t rush when you are talking to the client because maybe they will feel little irritated by your this action. Ask them questions one by one and talk to them in a general manner where they don’t have to feel uncomfortable or annoying because of your important and necessary questions.

These communication tips will help a lot in working in the market and a client will be loyal to you because of your behavior and working style. You will soon be famous among the people because of communication.

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Effecive Do’s in Real Estate Business

Every business has some rules and regulations and people like to go towards the person who is following market rules and running their business successfully. To run the business successfully, one has to research about the field and utilize himself in a proper way to run the proper business. In Iloilo, real estate business has a good scope and many people are starting their own real business. Here are some of the do’s one should follow to make more clients in real estate business.

1. Be Unique:

Do unique kind of advertisement which will attract people towards your company. Everyone like unique ideas and if you are creative with your work then, of course, people will come to you for the inquiry of the business and maybe you will get some good business from them. Make your own identity in the Iloilo real estate market.

2. Stay Clear:

Keep yourself clear in front of the client. Whenever you are telling anything to the client do it in details and if they have any questions or doubt, answer them with a professional tone and honestly. This will help them in making their final decision soon and you will be able to earn in a short period.

3. Punctuality:

Punctuality means a lot in the real estate business and it always shows how much you are dedicated towards your work. When the client is asking you to meet them then be on time and never let them wait until and unless it’s an emergency. Clients don’t like to wait so long for anyone.

4. Be Grateful:

After finalizing the deal with always be thankful and grateful to them and send them kind words through greeting cards that they choose you for the work. This will help them in understanding their importance for your business and how much you are happy to work for them.

These things are the dos of real estate business and you will enjoy your work after following some of the important rules for the work. People will recommend you to the others for the real estate work.

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Why Real Estate Business is a Good Income Business?

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City is known as the financial district because of it’s progress and people like to go towards the place where they can live in peace and where they can run their business on a good note. This city has a good scope of a business when you are talking about the real estate work. Many people don’t know what they should do for the good income when they don’t have a job or work experience in anything. Here are the reasons why real estate work can help you in earning a good income.

1. Smart Business:

A real estate business is a smart business and one can earn a good amount of money by advertising their real estate business and attracting people by offering them unique offers regarding business. Use your tricks and imagine what will attract you if you were a customer and then start working smartly.

2. No Limit of Income:

In a real estate business, there is no limit of income. You can earn enough depends on your work, if you are working extra hours then there are high chances of that someone will deal with you and you can do more than two dealings per day so there is no limit of income in this work.

3. Your Timing:

A real estate work is not a 9-5 job where you just have to follow the order of the boss. In this work, one has to make strategies for the good business and to attract the clients for the more income. You can work as per your comfortable timings as well as client’s timing.

4. Ideas and Creativity:

You can show your creativity and skills in this business as compared to the other business through your demonstration and the way of communicating to them. Your pay will depend on your market value and the more you will show your creativity, a client will pay you more on the basis of their requirements.

A real estate business in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City is quite profitable and one can earn a lot in this work if they have a good business plan for the work.

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How to Sell a Property in a Slow Market

Due to the economy and season sometimes the property prices come to the lower scale and for the person, it becomes difficult to sell the property in these conditions. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City as some problems too and in that season one can’t sell the home without the help of a real estate agent. Here are some different ways through which one can sell their property in a slow market too and this will help you in future whenever market will be slow and you have to sell the property.

1. Market Survey:

Before finalizing the price of the property, do a market survey and then you will have an idea that what kind of prices are suitable for your client and your property. In a slow market, usually people like to sell their property at the low prices but some people like to wait for the time when property prices will be up again.

2. Clean Home:

Keep your home clean and presentable to the customer. Who wants to have a home or a property which is not clean and which has lots of damage?  If you want to sell a property at good prices even in the slow market then the only way is to make the home clean and presentable enough to show to the client.

3. Be Flexible:

At the time of negotiation or when dealing with the customer, show your flexibility to them and don’t talk to them in a rude manner because then they will try to break the deal instead of making it because of your behavior. Show them your best behavior.

4. Patience:

Patience will be the biggest point for you and if you will be patience to them then they will definitely attract towards you because of your positive attitude. Understand what your client wants to say and what are they really trying to tell you through their body language and questions.

These small things will help you in selling your property even in the hard times. If you are going to adopt these things for the client then you will be at ease for selling.

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